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About Us

At Prag-Matic, we are dedicated to revolutionizing your business processes through cutting-edge automation and optimizing your IT infrastructure to unleash productivity, efficiency, and progress. We take immense pride in our commitment to PEP your businesses – Productive, Effective and Progressive towards success.


As a leading Information Technology company, we specialize in crafting innovative solutions that streamline operations, enhance workflow automation, and ensure seamless IT infrastructure management. Our team of experts is passionate about delivering tailored and result-driven approaches to meet your unique business needs.


Partnering with Prag-Matic means harnessing the power of technology to drive your business forward. Our Objective is to help you stay ahead in today's fast-paced digital landscape by providing top-notch solutions that enable growth, sustainability, and long-term success.

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Abstract Lines

Our Vision: Redefining Technology for Businesses through Process Automation

At Prag-Matic, we envision a world where technology is not just a tool but a transformative force for businesses. Our vision is to build or rejuvenate technology solutions that seamlessly integrate process automation while advancing user-friendliness. We strive to create an ecosystem where technology becomes an enabler, driving businesses towards unprecedented growth and success.


Our Mission: PEP Businesses with Cutting-Edge Information Technologies

Prag-Matic is committed to PEP businesses, embodying our abbreviation for "Productive - Effective - Progressive." Our mission is to infuse cutting-edge information technologies into businesses, empowering them to achieve enhanced productivity, efficiency, and continuous progress. We aim to be the catalyst that propels businesses forward, ensuring they stay at the forefront of innovation and remain competitive in the ever-evolving market landscape.


As we believe in the advancement through the latest technologies with our expertise in DevOps, AI / ML, Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technology, we revive the businesses towards the generation following the legacy!!


At Prag-Matic, we understand that change is not always easy. Our years of experience have taught us to 'always make your business success, our priority, with respect to technology'

Meet our Founders to get a gist of the experience and expertise:

Pavan Tikkani - Founder and Chief Executive Officer, a Visionary Technologist with Nearly Two Decades of Experience

Meet Pavan Tikkani, a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of industrial experience in global technology. Despite his youthful and innovative mindset, he has earned a reputation as a role model within his circle of peers, admired for his profound knowledge of both established and cutting-edge technologies, and his remarkable ease in implementing them. 

With an unwavering passion for coding, Pavan has mastered the art of simplifying complex coding challenges, leveraging his extensive experience to achieve outstanding results.

Ravi Shankar - Founder and Chief Operations Officer,  Empowering Businesses with Two Decades of Visionary Expertise

Introducing Ravi Shankar, an industry veteran with an impressive two-decade journey in understanding and transforming businesses. Throughout his career, Ravi has been the steadfast support for visionaries, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them to bring their dreams to life. Having left his mark in eight diverse industries, he has pioneered new paths for business success in the region and beyond. 

As a true spokesperson, Ravi embodies passion and leaves a lasting impact through visionary thinking. He believes that innovation is the driving force, while experience acts as the compass, guiding businesses towards the right direction.

Rahul Pillai - Co-founder and Chief Delivery Officer, a visionary ideologist working to transform the way we deliver projects and manage talent.

He possesses a very particular set of skills, acquired over a long career. These skills allow him to foresee the future and ensure quality in everything we deliver. Contrary to the common misconception that technology takes precedence over people, he is here to challenge that narrative and build a culture based on trust, resilience, and inclusivity. A culture that is based on technology to make lives easier for people and organizations.

Together, Pavan, Ravi and Rahul form an unbeatable team, combining their technological prowess and visionary expertise to empower businesses and drive them towards unparalleled success.

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