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Web & Mobile Development

  • End-to-end software product development
    Prag-Matic assists enterprises at each step of a development life cycle: from ideation to implementation and going live. We offer extensive expertise in cloud-native, blockchain, artificial intelligence, web and mobile development.
  • A dedicated engineering team
    Extend your in-house team with our dedicated team of engineers, architects, and project managers working both remotely and on-site.
  • Advisory and consulting services
    Prag-Matic provides expert advisory to build a robust solution within your budget: from designing an architecture and choosing a technology stack to outlining a delivery roadmap and properly allocating resources.
  • Legacy software modernization and replatforming
    We assist our customers in analyzing and identifying the apps/workloads that will benefit from migrating to a different technology stack or architecture. By modernizing and rethinking existing systems, you can improve performance, enable high availability and scalability, as well as deliver intuitive user experience.
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Software Development Services

We translate two decades of technical expertise into result-oriented development that enables enterprises to achieve their business goal, optimize workflows, and stay competitive.

Abstract Background

Expand your business capabilities and increase your ROI with Prag-Matic.

Exceptional domain expertise. We have successfully delivered projects across healthcare, fintech, logistics, e-commerce, insurance, sports, etc.

Why choose Prag-Matic as a software product provider

We help enterprises to gain a sustainable competitive advantage through the adoption of innovative technologies.

Our team of experts are ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future. Connect with us today to set up your first consultation.

No matter which industry you belong, we speak your language.


Build AR Visualization platform for your business

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