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Kubernetes Consulting

Our professionals assess your current stage of Kubernetes adoption, identify bottlenecks, prioritize improvements, as well as learn how to avoid critical mistakes and maximize ROI.


How You Benefit


Customized Kubernetes Roadmap

Our experienced cloud-native engineers will evaluate your current workflows and workloads, as well as develop a custom strategic plan based on your requirements for overcoming existing bottlenecks and successfully building a future path for a production-grade Kubernetes implementation in your organization.


Well Calibrated Kubernetes Deployment

We help to perform large-scale production deployments in a smooth and cost-efficient manner. We'll help you to reduce infrastructure costs and safely bet on Kubernetes to power mission-critical enterprise applications.

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Quick Onboarding of Your Developement team

We employ a unique approach that includes class training, pair programming, and code review. Prag-Matic will train your team and upgrade their skills in cloud-native software development, speeding up onboarding of engineers.

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Prag-Matic Kubernetes enablement session deliverables

Prag-Matic will review your existing or planned K8s deployments and operational goals. Our Kubernetes consultants will examine your unique needs and provide a high-level outline for deploying your clusters. We will also provide guidance on best practices, automation, and application migration.

1. Deployment plan

A high-level Kubernetes deployment plan includes configuration of monitoring, security, platform automation, network, and storage. Technical sessions delivered by certified experts help to evaluate the maturity of the platform and identify potential issues

2. Best practices materials

We will review industry best practices for resolving common problems or concerns.

3. Action plan

We will create an actionable plan for Kubernetes deployment and application onboarding while working closely with your engineers and architects throughout the entire process.

Looking for a better understanding of the required tasks, expected duration, and effort required for your Kubernetes adoption journey?

Schedule a Kubernetes roadmap session today!

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