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Application Replatforming

Adoption of Kubernetes or any other cloud-native platform not only marks a strategic shift to building and deploying microservices-based applications but also gives a brand-new life for your legacy monoliths.


Application replatforming services

Prag-Matic helps to identify the apps, which can benefit the most from migration to the cloud, and streamline the modernization process down the road.

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Application portfolio analysis

Application portfolio evaluation, app portability assessment.

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Migration strategy development

A strategy to rehost, replatform, re-architect, and retain applications.


Replatforming and re-architecting

Application containerization, deployment, and configuration.


Replatforming and re-architecting

Application enablement in the cloud.

Business value of migration to the cloud

Through replatforming of legacy applications, business-critical processes leverage a containerized runtime environment and production-grade capabilities for:

elastic scalability in response to the growing load


development life-cycle management and platform monitoring


high availability and self-healing features


accelerated time-to-value and reasonable velocity of new features development


modernization from commercial relational databases to horizontally scalable open-source data stores and services

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