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CI/CD Pipeline Implementation in Kubernetes

Get expert advice and enterprise-grade support on continuous deployment implementation from our highly skilled team of cloud engineers. Improve your CI/CD pipeline with Kubernetes!


At Prag-Matic, we set up CI/CD pipelines that are



  • designing auto-scaling CI/CD pipelines that meet development demands near realtime

  • enabling CI/CD tools that are programmable to let you quickly set up new pipelines for microservices



  • setting up CI/CD infrastructure that provides on-demand, clean, identical, and isolated resources for growing teams

  • building systems that stay relevant when the technology stack changes



  • setting up CI/CD pipelines that accurately run and visualize the entire software delivery process

  • designing deployment workflow models with the use of secrets and multi-stage promotions

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What we offer

Platform deployment

Prag-Matic's Kubernetes implemetation service is a cost-efficient way to learn how to leverage the cloud-native development technology for your delivery pipelines with blue/green deployments, release engineering tooling (BOSH, kubeadm, kubespray, kops, and more), or environment parity across the entire build life cycle.

CI server setup

A complete, full-scale deployment of the continuous integration system of your choice (Jenkins, Concourse or any other automation engine for constant monitoring, code analysis, unit, and integration tests) that is monitored (metrics and logs) and documented.

Delivery pipelines configuration

Our DevOps engineers will set up and configure a deployment pipeline with an optimal test suite aligned with your company’s value stream map. All pipelines are created based on unified approaches with a minimized number of inputs.

Get expert help to design and set up a fast, reliable, and accurate CI/CD pipeline or improve your testing and deployment jobs with Kubernetes!

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