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Kubernetes Implementation

Providing you with professional services around Kubernetes, Prag-Matic provisions large-scale production deployments in a smooth and    cost-efficient manner. Our engineers help you to reduce infrastructure costs  and achieve high availability for mission-critical enterprise apps.


How You Benefit


Stable Deployment

Ensure secure and uninterrupted operation by keeping Kubernetes and the underlying technologies up to date.


In House Expertise

Educate your team on key platform components.


Modern methodologies

Kubernetes is deployed in accordance with the industry best practices.

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What we offer

In our regular workflow on a new project, we:

Introduce the customer to the Agile methodology and pair programming

Providing essential Kubernetes education

Creating automation pipelines for platform and service provisioning, as well as

Provisioning of 1–2 control planes and 1–2 Kubernetes foundations using best practices

Onboarding an MVP app

Accelerate the adoption of the most advanced container orchestration tool today!

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